Electric Car Tax Breaks = Giving Rich People Money They Don't Need

I was driving in my internal combustion Subaru Crosstrek, across the 520 bridge no less, listening to KUOW, wearing flannel, when I hear that State Sen. Steve Hobbs is pushing to bring back a sales tax reduction on electric vehicles. This is to, you know, save the planet.

Heck no it won’t. Also electric car batteries fuel a horrific humanitarian crisis in the Congo…

Stuff to read (watch)…

Electric Cars’ Green Image Blackens Beneath The Bonnet - Financial Times (paywall, but damn is the FT worth it)

MIT: Lifetime Tesla Model S Emissions More Than Mitsubishi Mirage, But There's A Catch - Cars Direct

Blood, Sweat, and Batteries: Inside Congo’s Cobalt Mines - Fortune

South Park - S10E02 - “Smug Alert” - Hulu - Full disclosure: I used to work on South Park as a total underling.

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